An overlooked place to find voluntary work

When you have

When you have had a full and busy working life that much-looked-forward-to retirement can actually seem a bit boring. After the first few weeks, sleeping in late and spending the day pottering around the house and the garden lose their charms. Find out more about tennbriketter dugnad here. 

Many people decide that they would like to do some unpaid voluntary work. Surprisingly, it can be quite hard to find an organization that is just right for you.

The first question

The first question you should ask is, what kind of skills can I offer? If you have been an accountant, a teacher, a nurse, a lawyer, a counselor, or have held a similar professional role, then it is relatively easy to find an organization that can use your skills – especially if you are prepared to travel and live abroad. Further into at:

Older people

Older people have life skills that make them particularly suited to working in stressful environments overseas, but it may be that they don’t always have the robust physical attributes that are needed, so prepare to be turned down.

It May Of Course...

It may of course be that you simply want to make a contribution to your local community. Many people turn to the local charity shop and offer themselves to work a day or two there. Actually, it can be quite hard to find a charity shop “job”, as many people are suited for and want to do this kind of volunteer work. Click here to find more about dugnad

Your local church or other religious organization can be a great source of opportunities for voluntary work. Turn up for service, introduce yourself to the vicar, and tell him or her that you would like to do some volunteer work, and they will probably burst into tears of joy! This also has the benefit of involving you in a community of people who are there to support each other.

Perhaps it’s an old fashioned idea, but voluntary service through your church is often an overlooked opportunity. Find more about kort dugnad here.