file upload progress display

where to use the script

if you have to upload big files to your server and you want to keep informed about the upload status, this script is for you.

the nice thing is that you don't NEED javascript enabled - in this case the script will behave just like a "normal" upload form.

how upload progress display works

this script will use AJAX to repeat calling a PHP file which returns the size of the partially uploaded file while the upload is in progress.

when a file is uploaded, PHP saves the temporary file in a special tmp. upload directory.

like the script is setup now, PHP will take the filesize of the newest file in that temporary upload directory -

that means that if you have multiple uploads at the same time or you have lots of other files in that directory, you have to change the entry in your php.ini to have a designated temp. directory for uploads.

upload progress files download

download script archive

you can download and install the upload progress script on your site.

download the script [.tar.gz]
get the script files and install the upload progress display on your server. (version 0.1 - sep. 05)

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